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Pregnancy Test Strip Packing Machine For Pregnancy Test Strip Kit

A pregnancy test kit packing machine is used to make several medical tools. But more importantly, it is used to make diagnostic pregnancy test kits. The test kit produced by this machine is used by women at home to check if they are pregnant.

The test is done to measure HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). This is a hormone that is concealed inside urine when women are pregnant. Also, the chorionic gonadotrophin of humans is gaged or measure by the use of a technique called an immunoassay. This immunoassay includes a complicated reaction among hormone and other antibodies protein.

pregnancy test kit packing machine

When the urine that has HCG is put on the test strip, a reaction happens and this causes a part of the strip to alter the color, thereby showing hormone is there, and that shows the woman is pregnant.

However, you have a medical lab where pregnancy test is carried out every day and you desire to have your pregnancy test kit packing machine purchasing from a reliable and renowned manufacturer is the most recommended option.   

Knowledge of how the test kit produced by the machine works.

HCG presence in urine has been a determining factor use to get the fact about pregnancy by doctors for ages. By the time of incubation the level of HCG doubles around two days, this can be discovered after seven days of conception.

Before, the measurement of HCG used to be very hard. The HCG is put into an animal to see the reaction and thereby it will reveal if the human is pregnant or not but the animal dies later. This type of testing was changed to immunoassay testing; this one is extra sensitive and easy to use. This kind of test gauges protein molecules, that relate to the hormone in the urine or blood of a pregnant woman.

Initially, immunoassays were performed with blood as a result of its sensitivity, and this can discover in a minute the amount of HCG. This test with blood can only be done with the assistance of a doctor or a nurse.

However, the improvement in immunoassay methods brought about the urine-based test that is simple and easier, the test can be done by women themselves. This test is easily made possible because of the invention of the pregnancy test kit packing machine.

The components in the test kit made by the pregnancy test kit packing machine

1. The plastic housing

The absorbent pad and the test strip are confined in between the housing two pieces that permit the item to be handy and shield the strip against contaminants in the environment.

pregnancy test kit packing machine

2. Immunoassay strip.

This strip is made or produced by condensing nonwoven fibers to a tight strip and coating the fibers with reactive antibodies. These antibodies join with the hormone in pregnancy in sequence and eventually changes color

3. The Urine collection cup

The test kits include a collection cup that collects and separate the urine in a step. It also has plastic vials that have a pre-measured quantity of reagents which must blend with the urine as it is put on the test strip.

4. The Absorbent pad

When the test is directly applied it has an absorbent pad that spreads from the chamber of the test and thereby is used to touch the stream of urine. The pad soaks the liquid and pulls it into closeness with an immunoassay strip.

Do you need a pregnancy test kit packing machine?

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