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Care And Maintenance Of Face Mask Packing Machine

With the current spread of the COVID -19 across the globe, the public demand for masks has risen well as people seek a preventive solution.

For a high production output and quality face mask, the mask supplier needs a high-quality face mask packaging machine from a trusted and experienced manufacturer. Apart from this, thorough care and maintenance of the machine daily are essential. Otherwise, the machine with first-class quality cannot assure the production of a quality face mask.   

In addition to this, the service life of the face mask packing equipment would be shortened if maintenance is compromised.

Now let us look at the ways to carry out daily maintenance on this machine.

1. Regular check on the power supply

This is an important step to ensure that the machine is working under a stable power supply. Operating the machine for a very long time under a fluctuating power supply can affect the service life of the machine.

2. Keep ventilation, cleanliness and dryness of the work environment

This creates a very conducive environment for the working of the face mask packing machine. It also enhances the operational efficiency of the machine.

3. Regularly test of face mask making machine

To ensuring the continued efficient functioning of the machine, there should be a regular check on the insulation performance and replacement of worn-out components. This routine maintenance should be performed by skilled and experienced personnel.

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4. The machine should be away from dust, water vapour and corrosive agents

The ventilation points and electrical control box of the machine should be located in a clean environment. You can use a compressed air blower to remove any settled dust on the machine regularly.

5. Regularly application lubricants

Lubrication is an essential daily duty performed to ensure the optimum working of the transmission mechanism of the machine. A regular check on the level and replacement of engine oil should be carried out. Aside from this, the parts of the machine that are moving over each other should be properly lubricated.

6. Open the top of the control box every month

The control box should be opened from time to time to remove the dust trapped inside. This should be done without water but with the use of a clean air gun.

In a case where the face mask packing machine is not in use for a long time, it should be wiped clean and kept in a dry and ventilated environment.

7. Bottom mould and ultrasonic welding head should be kept clean

A daily check on the connector cable should be carried out to ensure that the cable is not disconnected or loosed. These parts can be wiped clean but the liquid should not be used.

In Need of a high-quality face mask packing machine  

These machines are essential in the production of quality face masks. With the current increasing demands for face masks, there is a need for systematic maintenance culture for the long service life of the machine.

There are numerous types of face mask packing machines in the market and one way to ensure quality production and durability is to source standard products. You can achieve this when you partner with a trusted face mask packing machine manufacturer with a wealth of experience in the industry. Kindly check our list of products and find one that is appropriate and suitable for your need.

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