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Zipper Pouch Bag 4 Side Sealing Packing Machine

we strive to provide transdermal patch manufacturers with packing solutions that not only meet but exceed industry regulations and standards.

ZP-FSS-FQJ zipper pouch 4 side sealing packing machine

Discover our comprehensive range featuring process technology, laminating, die cutting, automated stacking, loading, and resealable bag making. As expert customizers, we deliver smart plaster patch packaging solutions.

Your plaster patch partner for complete production lines and individual solutions

Discover our specialized transdermal patch packaging solutions, tailored to diverse patch types and adhering to GMP standards. Our automated production lines for laminating and die-cutting ensure impeccable patch quality and eliminate leakage concerns. Elevate your packaging experience with our reliable, efficient systems.

Flexibility and productivity

We combine the highest level of object and product variability with highly flexible and reliable transportation and format part concepts.

Process safety

We achieve the highest level of process and product safety with integrated machine concepts that are customized to meet individual customer requirements.

Maximizing product yield

To maximize the amount of usable and saleable product, we have several lane output as well as in-process controls and technologies to ensure maximum product yield.


The traceability of your products is assured by Track & Trace, camera controls, and different solutions for product identification and labeling.

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Benefits for you by having a strong partner

That is why you can rely on us

As your global technology partner and customization specialist, we’re dedicated to delivering complete production systems in laminating, die cutting, and resealable bag packing. Be captivated by our innovative, flexible, and modular machine solutions, backed by our comprehensive services for an unmatched packaging experience.

Our commitment to a reliable, professional partnership begins at the design stage and continues throughout the entire lifecycle. With in-depth knowledge of plaster patch processes and a broad market perspective, we ensure success through our skilled staff, extensive experience, groundbreaking innovations, and outstanding service.


Over 16 years of experience in providing packing machine for food and pharmacy industry


Boasting over 40 patents, our innovative solutions are specifically designed to tackle challenges faced by customers in production


Tailored customer solutions catered to diverse investment scenarios, ensuring a personalized approach for optimal results and satisfaction.


In-depth market expertise and collaboration with professional partners, enabling well-informed decisions and exceptional outcomes.


Dedicated service providing expert assistance, tailored solutions, and ongoing support to ensure customer satisfaction and seamless operations.


Expert understanding of your market dynamics, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that drive success and growth in your industry.

Lihong has gain good reputation among pharmacy enterprises and food industry.

Lihong has earned a stellar reputation among pharmaceutical and food industry enterprises, recognized for delivering innovative, high-quality packaging solutions, and exceptional customer service that consistently exceed expectations and drive success.

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Trusted worldwide and used in over 98 known leading brands and businesses

“Lihong Machinery has truly transformed our operations. Their top-notch machines have significantly increased our productivity while reducing our facility investment costs. With enhanced production capabilities and exceptional quality, Lihong has undoubtedly been a game-changer for our business.”

vicky Gao, manager of LR pharmacy

Improve production processes with complete packing service automation

Achieve production process improvements by implementing Lihong’s state-of-the-art packing service automation, which includes advanced machinery, customized integration, and intelligent systems. This approach enhances workflow efficiency, minimizes labor costs, and boosts overall productivity, giving your business a competitive advantage.