XZB-350 Mask Packing Machine

XZB-350 Mask Packing Machine


Machine introduction :

XZ-350 packing machine is designed to pack products with PE, OPP, aluminium film. With PLC operation system, inveter controlling. Packed products is of good seal.


The machine is widely used in many aspect. The machine is used to pack food like biscuit, cakes, candy, bread, needle, ice cream and so on. It is also used to pack chemical products like soap, tissue, napkin, mask and disposable products. Also can used to pack medicine and daily products.

Main feature :

1. With English and Chinese operation screen. Easy operate and stable running.

2. PLC easy to keep data.

3. With inverter to control the speed.

4. With EPC system, accuracy and stable.

5. Bag length is adjustable. Can pack many size according to setting.

6. Non-stop conveyor belt transfer system.

7. Heating sealing, adjustable and stable.

8. stainless machine frame, nice and rust-proof.

9. Optional parts include: nitrogen filling for food packing, bar coding.

main technician parameter :

  model XZB-350
Packing film OPP,BOPP,PE,laminated film
 max film width 350mm
 capacity Belt type conveyor:30-80 pcs/min;chain type conveyor:30-150 pcs/min
 film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
 bag length 50-350mm
 packing width 30-150mm
 packing height ≤60mm
 total power 2.4KW220V
 dimension 4200*800*1400mm
 weight 650kg

Customized Feature

sealing device
sealing device
customized feeding tunnel


glove packing
hardwear packing
packing solution
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