Xzb-350/450/550/650/750/850 High Speed Pillow Type 3 Side Seal Packing Machine

Xzb-350/450/550/650/750/850 High Speed Pillow Type 3 Side Seal Packing Machine


Machine introduction :

XZB series machine is lihong brand 3 side seal packing machine. The machine packs items with aluminum film, PE film, opp film, BOPP film, paper film and so on.

It is widely used in the food industry packaging, like biscuits, moon cakes,candies, bread, instant noodles, ice cream and so on. It is also used in packing daily products like soap, tape, towels. As well as pack chemical industry, repackaging of various medicine plates, and trays Packaging; hardware products; pharmaceutical packaging.

Machine feature :

1. The machine adopts PLC program controller, and the whole machine runs accurately and stably.

2. The interface is in Chinese and English, all setting is set and stored. convenient and fast.

3. Reliable program. Reduce waste.

4. The main motor is equipped with high-quality AC frequency converter

5.  High-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.

6. The bag length adjustment is freely, durable, stable and accurate.

7. The non-stop adjustment device of the conveyor chain is convenient and sensitive.

8.  Adjustable end sealing structure makes nice sealing and cutting.

9.  stainless steel machine frame.

10. Data print. Position can be modified.

11. Option: nitrogen filling device

Main technician parameter :

  model XZB-350
Packing film OPP,BOPP,laminated film
 max film width 350mm
 capacity 30-120pcs/min
 film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
 bag length 50-350mm
 packing width 30-150mm
 packing height ≤60mm
 total power 2.4KW 220V
 dimension 4200*800*1400mm
 weight 650kg
packing solution
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