Multi-lane Eye Patch With 4 side Seal Packing Machine

Multi-lane Eye Patch With 4 side Seal Packing Machine


GSB-220 4 side packing machine is specialized in packing plaster, dust mask, disposable mask, glove, napkin,fever cooling patch,warm paste, kf94 mask packing machine, hotel supplies and etc.

machine feature: 

  1. eye patch or medical plaster shape die cutting.
  2. film auto slitting and sealing.
  3. customized patch feeding tunnel.
  4. PLC control.
  5. laser print
  6. wifi: romote system.
  7. customized sealing way 

machine configuration : 

 model          GSB-220-4
 capacity          100-200pcs/min
 packing size   According to products
air compressor          ≥0.1m3/min
 frequency          50Hz
 voltage          AC380V(3ph 4 line)
 power         10KW
 weight          2600kg
 dimension       5730×1660×1430㎜

customized feature

film sealing with die cutting device.

size and shape customized.

sealing and packing .

with EPC sensor.

Accuracy and neat seal.

eye patch or medical plaster

1: die cutting according to customized.

2: feeding tunnel according to demand.

3: fully automatic connection

accuracy liquid feeding system, reduce waste.

film auto-connection
multi-lane output.free design.


eye patch
medical patch
packing solution
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