GB-220 Medicated Pain Relieving Patch 4 Side Seal Packing Machine

GB-220 Medicated Pain Relieving Patch 4 Side Seal Packing Machine


GSB-220 4 side packing machine is specialized in packing plaster, dust mask, disposable mask, glove, napkin,fever cooling patch,warm paste, hotel supplies and etc.

This machine is special design to pack path and plaster products, in strict accordance with the “GMP” requirements specification. It is an automatic online machine with material auto feeding(optional), coding, 4 side sealing, easy tear punch and bag making. The machine adopts the touch screen control for easy operation, servo motor control for accuracy, EPC, six group temperature controller and auto feed for free adjustable. This machine save lots labor, it is an ideal machine for plaster packing.

Machine configuration

1. System: plc and servo motor control, which can programmed freely.

2. Touch screen: set and display length, size, compensate and output on screen, clear and easy to operate.

3. Bag length set: computer control to set and run. Easy and clear.

4. Double side trace: with EPC to trace, PLC and servo to control, fast and accuracy.

5. Photocell EPC: make bag evenness and beauty

6. Setting storage: can remember 10 setting

7. Waste rewinding device: magnetic powder driven

8. auto feed: can feed 1-5pcs per pack on different size. (optional)

9. High efficient, low maintenance cost, easy operation, less default.

10. Long time running.

11. Two side sealing length can up to 230mm, which make bag beauty and tightness.

12. Equips coding, can print date and code.

13. Stainless steel frame, long time use.

14. machine equipped with remote system, we can check machine status after connect to wifi, and troubleshooting online.

Main technical info:

Model          GSB-220
Output          30-120pcs/min
Packing size  L 60-280mm, W 60-200mm,

H 1-10mm

compressor          ≥0.1m3/min
voltage   AC 380V 60HZ(customized)
power          7KW
weight          2000kg
Dimension         L*W*H



auto feed.
air release
empty pack click


The machine can be modified to pack different patch products.


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