GB-220 Medical Patch Zipper Pouch 4 side Seal Packing Machine

GB-220 Medical Patch Zipper Pouch 4 side Seal Packing Machine


GSB-220 4 side packing machine is specialized in packing plaster, dust mask, disposable mask, glove, napkin,fever cooling patch,warm paste, hotel supplies and etc.

This machine is special design to pack path and plaster products, in strict accordance with the “GMP” requirements specification. It is an automatic online machine with material auto feeding(optional), coding, 4 side sealing, easy tear punch and bag making. The machine adopts the touch screen control for easy operation, servo motor control for accuracy, EPC, six group temperature controller and auto feed for free adjustable. This machine save lots labor, it is an ideal machine for plaster packing.

machine feature: 

  1. online die cutting.
  2. online plaster making device
  3. laminated device.
  4. with zipper to seal
  5. auto count
  6. AB PLC control
  7. AB motor and controller.
  8. multi-feeding line according to demand.
  9. can connect wifi to cheking machine statue far away. 
model GSB-220-GY
psc per pack customized
size customized
zipper with
speed customized

machine detail

patch laminated
zipper device
feeding and inspection
customized feed
output device with waste pack detect
packing solution
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