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How to choose a fully automatic four side sealing packaging machine?

Horizontal automatic four side sealing packaging machine is a type of automatic cutting of a roll of film into two rolls, and the two rolls of film are combined and sealed after the equipment is turned.

The product (such as plaster) is transported between the two rolls of film through a conveyor belt, and then through the left and right sealing, which is easy to tear and crack, and the front and back are sealed and cut, and finally transported out. This machine integrates bag making, product loading, batch number printing, four-side sealing, tearing opening, cutting and packaging finished product delivery all at one time.

The whole machine adopts man-machine interface, the bag length is accurate and stable, it has the characteristics of automatic left and right correction, front and rear photoelectric registration, six groups of temperature control, and free setting of loading. The successful trial production of this machine has ended the history of manual packaging of products. , This machine has superior performance and high technology content.

four side sealing packaging machine

1. Feeding method

 Feeding is divided into manual unloading and automatic unloading. For example, plaster patches can be unloaded by an automatic feeder, and antipyretic patches are made of hydrogel and cannot be unloaded automatically and can only be unloaded manually.

2. Tightness

Regarding tablet products, such as plasters, antipyretic patches, and especially warm babies, require very high air tightness.

Sealing is divided into indirect conduction method and direct heat conduction sealing method. The entire surface of the indirect conduction method of sealing can be uniformly and fully heat sealed, and there will be no leaks that cause gas to enter and exit.

In this way, the seal is not only beautiful, but also has good airtightness. The direct heat conduction sealing method has uneven sealing contact and is prone to air leakage. However, this method has a fast equipment preheating speed and a relatively low heating temperature.

four side sealing packaging machine

3. The stability of the whole machine

During the operation of the machine, when investigating the stability, the main focus is on the accuracy of the front and back of the two rolls of film, the accuracy of the front and back graphics, the flatness of the seal, the accuracy of the edge removal, and the accuracy of the sealing cutting position.

4. Equipment transmission mode

The transmission mode of the four side sealing packaging machine is mainly divided into mechanical transmission and servo transmission. With mechanical transmission, the equipment has good stability, and the product packaging is smooth and accurate during operation. Servo drive mode, the equipment is easy to operate, and it is easy to change the width and length of the packaging film.


The four side sealing packaging machine can come to our factory for test machine verification in person.

You need to bring a good sample, and the packaging film determines which film to use.

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