What are the classification of packaging machine?

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Packaging machine is a widely used machine. It applies to many different categories of product packaging. However, there are so many types of packaging machines. Most people would have a hard time recognizing it.

This article will show you how to classify packaging machines. We will show you how to understand the packaging machine. Of course, you will also know how to buy or choose the best packaging machine for your business.

There are several classifications of packaging machinery:

  • According to the function can be divided into single function and multi-function packaging machine.

  • According to the use can be divided into inner packaging machine and outer packaging machine. We also know it as packaging machine. Outer packing machine is also known as wrapping machine, secondary packaging machine, packing machine, packing machine, shrinking machine.

  • According to the packaging materials, PE film, PP woven bags, boxes or cartons, bottles, BOPP shrink machine, etc.

  • According to the packaging style, it is divided into pillow, corner support, four side seal, stick, sachet, three side seal, four side seal, foreign small bag/bag, zipper, backpack, standing and so on.

  • According to the automatic way is divided into automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine.

  • According to the need of packaging products, solid, liquid, paste packaging machinery. Solids are granular, flake, block, flake, powder and so on.

  • By industry, there are food packers, ketchup, seasonings, seeds, pet food, snack food, sugar, candy, confectionery, hardware, milk powder, coffee, marijuana, pasta, peas, beans, rice, chickpeas, ETC.

Multi function packing machine

1. Single function packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine

Single function packing machine has only one function packing machine. Including sealing machine, bag placing machine or small bag filling machine, automatic filling machine or multi weighing filling machine, etc. It can only seal or place the bag, or weigh the filling.

Multi-functional packing machine with vertical filling sealing machine, pillow type packing machinehorizontal packing machine, bag machine, rotary packing machine, tea bag packing machine and other functions, one machine multi-purpose. Like the vertical fill sealing machine (VFFS machine), it can automatically form the fill sealing from the packaging film reel. It can be made into various bags, such as pillow, buckle plate, quadrilateral seal, sachet, triangle, stick, tea bag and so on. Horizontal machines are similar to vertical fill seals, but with some differences.

Bag placing machine (rotary packing machine) is another multifunctional packing system. It has many functions. It is placed, opened (bags and zippers), vibrated, printed, sealed and delivered. It includes free-standing bags, handbags, suction bags, zipper bags and so on

Zipper bag packing machine

2. Inner packing machine and outer packing machine 

The difference between inside and outside lies in the product. Internal machines are often used for direct packing of bulk products. And the outer machine is already packaged products for packaging. The outer packing can be plastic PE bag or woven plastic PP (polypropylene) bag.

The outer packaging system is suitable for secondary packaging, such as flexible packaging, bottles and blister packaging.

1). Flexible packaging is known as a secondary packaging machine.

It includes "bag bag", "bag bag" and "bag carton".

For example, 5g small bags with 150g bags; 25 kg bags in 1 kg bags. Bags can also be replaced by boxes or cartons.

2). Bottles are packed by a shrink or by a box loader (in cartons).

3). Blister packaging comes in boxes. We can use automatic packing machines.

Multi function packing

3. According to packing material instructions: PE film and prefabricated bag

PE film using vertical filling sealing machine, horizontal FFS machine. Prefabricated bags use a rotary packing system.

Fillers can vary according to the state of the product. For example, particle probe measuring cups, multihead scales, and linear scales. Powder explore spiral packing or spiral packing. Liquid and paste explore rotary pump or piston packing.

The packaging system automatically completes molding, weighing, filling, printing, cutting and conveying. It is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and operates in conjunction with HIM (Human-machine Interface Microcomputer).

Film roll can be plastic composite film, single layer PE or paper. It's flexible packaging. Suitable for free flowing products, such as washing powder, condiments, puffed food, etc.

Prefabricated bag filling machine has many functions. It is placed, opened (bags and zippers), filled, vibrated, sealed, printed and delivered. Characterized by automatic packaging, instead of artificial packaging, reduce the bacterial pollution in the packaging process.

4 seal side packaging machine

Now that you know all the categories, you might think of an image. You may want to choose one when you buy. Before you start your search, I'll give you a general idea.

First, you need to know what your product belongs to. Is it in liquid form, granular or powdered form?

You also need to know more about specifications. For your products. Such as density, viscosity (liquid/paste), diameter (particle/powder), fluidity, moisture (powder), dust or not.

Second, you can tell your preferred packaging style. It can be pillow, corner support board, quadrilateral seal, sachet (3-side seal or 4-side seal), Doypack, zipper bag, vertical bag, etc.

Third, you need to decide what packaging materials you need to use. Use packing film rolls or prefabricated bags.

Finally, you need to decide what automation mode you want. If you want to save more labor costs, you can use multi function packaging machine. Using small things is fully automatic. If your budget is limited, consider using a semi-automatic packaging machine.


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