Application of Mask Packing Machine

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With the current surge in the spread of COVID-19, the use of masks being one of the ways of preventing its spread has gained a lot of popularity.


It is now compulsory that you wear a mask when you go out, in offices and in different places. To keep this mask safe and clean, there is a need for quality packaging.


This is achieved with the use of a mask packing machine sourced from a reliable and trusted mask packing machine manufacturer.


Mask packing machine is essentially used for putting in place, sealing, and cutting during the process of packaging.


During the production of the packaging materials, the process might be prone to error as a result of the following factors:

1. The lengthening of the packaging materials.

2. Lapses in the arrangements of color codes are engraved on the materials.

3.  Deviation of the preset sealing and cutting parts on the packaging materials

4.  Machine-driven transmission.

To effectively close out the possibility of this error occurring and attain perfect sealing and cutting of the packaging materials, the issue of automatic pre-setting in the operation and design of the machine should be considered.

 Mask Packing Machine

The design of the continuous photoelectric pre-determined positioning system is such that it aligns perfectly with the positioning imprint on the packaging material.


Based on the error counterbalance method, a continuous photoelectric pre-determined positioning system is divided into four types which are:

1. Two transmission system concurrent type

2.  Brake type

3.  Forward type

4.  Backward type

The working operation of the mask packing machine is given in this sequential order:

1. In a full-automatic pillow kind of packaging machine, a roll of packaging paper film is fixed on the shaft roll while the feeder is loaded with the packed object. Manual feeding is suitable for unevenly shaped objects.

2. The conveyor belt of the mask packaging machine transferred the packed objects to the packaging point.

3. The packaging is heated inside the paper film and compressed into the synthetic form.

4. The synthetic form is transported to the heat sealing and transverse sealing components of the machine.

5. After this, a preset cutter automatically cuts the sealed packages at the marked line.

6. The finished products are now sent out by the conveyor belt.


The extent of a mask packaging machine is chiefly in the packaging of regular products like noodles, biscuits, cakes, pie, disposable, etc. The machines are adequately equipped with adjustable sealing structures to have a satisfactory output.


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